2010-12-16  I had searched several places for a Ford Econonline van and made many phone calls. Today, I found what I wanted and went to a dealer to test drive the vehicle. I haven’t purchased many vehicles – and with the cost of transportation, this is a ‘life substantial’ purchase. I met the sales staff, went on a test drive and tried to ensure that the van was in good condition. Visually, I didn’t see any signs of any damage (but, I think that there had been a fender-bender that was repaired). Anyway, I decided to buy it – pay cash – and signed the paperwork. I had to sit and take a deep breath before deciding if this was what I really wanted to do – or walk-away.

I met many people on the staff and was made comfortable with my decision. I put the papers needed for getting the license tag in the driver door storage. I talked with 2 of the drivers who were to drive the van home for me since I had driven the MG to the dealer and needed help getting my new purchase home. They had a GPS and input my home address. They drove ahead of me and the MG was slower than the van drivers. At my house, the van driver returned to the dealership with the car driver. It was night and took several hours to accomplish the sale and return home, but – I was happy.

Later, when reading web posts to the yahoo vandwellers emails, someone asked the others if they ‘named’ their vehicles. Several responded with their names and I began to think that I also needed a name for my recently purchased van. I don’t remember when the ‘name’ hit me – but the celebrity name “Vanna White” was descriptive of the van and grew-on-me.

The celebrity Vanna White, is the woman who works on the tv game show “Wheel of Fortune” with host, Pat Sajak. Her job is to ‘turn the letters’. Actually, when the show began, she would walk across stage to theletter board and actually turn a letter from being blank to being a letter that a contestant guessed. Now, in modern times, the physical letters have morphed to electronically changed digital letters and there is no “turning-the-letter”. The modernized version of the show has a backstage technicians turn the letter light on when a contestant guesses that letter, and Vanna White walks to the letter and touches the light to have it change to a visible letter.  What a job – somebody has to do it.

Vanna White is the tv celebrity who turns the letters on the show "Wheel of Fortune"

Vanna White is the tv celebrity who turns the letters on the show "Wheel of Fortune"