2012-02-29 Wednesday (Leap Year – Last Day in February) Breakfast at Betty’s Quik Stop in Bamberg, SC.
I LOVE Betty’s Quik Stop. It is a unique, family-run restaurant. The building used to be a Dairy Queen, and when I was in High School, there was no front dining area – just the window for ordering and back area. The owner posts signs all over and encourages others to put their pictures on the bulletin board. There is even a trophy on top of the case under a window. There are many potted plants with plastic bottles in use as a watering system. Dad and I ate a late breakfast and were the last to leave of the morning patrons. I have to admit that I went a bit overboard with the pictures, because I wanted to have different views and angles.

Speaking of photos, there used to be a filling station in Bamberg and the owner (Mr. Bochette) took Polaroid pictures of residents after they returned from hunting and/or fishing. The owner of the filling station retired and the photos are now at Betty’s Quik Stop. I found a picture of my Dad holding up a fish in the albums. It is a lot of fun looking at the photos displayed on the table.
While there, I didn’t take a photo of the grits, scrambled eggs, bacon and 2 slices of toast. When the food was served, I wasn’t in a picture taking mood – I was in an eating food mood. But, take my word for it, the food is good. But then, maybe you need to stop and try it yourself?