2012-09-31_SCBamberg,Pictures (50)

2012-09-31_SCBamberg,Pictures (50)

Trip from Atlanta, GA to Bamberg, SC and return

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I have many pictures here to share. They were taken in or near the town of Bamberg, SC. I was born and raised in the town and am constantly amazed how much it has changed over the years. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to take pictures – for two reasons. ONE = is that it is now less expensive to take pictures than it was when I was growing up. We had Kodak instamatic film cameras and the film costs a good penny – and there were only 12 pictures on a roll. We had to mail the pictures to Jack Rabbit in Spartanburg and wait a couple of weeks to receive the prints. By the time you add the cost of the pictures, developing and cost of postage, then each picture was expensive. You could not afford to take many of them – and, occasionally, the picture would be blurred or the shutter was pressed accidentally and you had some ruined pictures. TWO = with digital cameras and the internet, it is both easier to take pictures and share them. End of discussion.
I hope that others enjoy pictures like these – if you do not, please feel free to make a comment and let me know.


((My Dad has a nickname for me and it is “Puddin”. He started calling me that when I was very young. I named my van, “Vanna White”. When I decided to start a blog, I wanted a unique name for my travels and the names “Puddin” and “Vanna White” came to mind.))