2013-02-07_GACartersville,BoothWesternMuseum_It was a cold, rainy and generally – not good weather – day. Nevertheless, I had committed to meet with Claudia and go see the Booth Museum in Cartersville. She had found the information about it and invited me to go with her. Her co-worker, Bev, joined us. We had a WONDERFUL day out in the bad weather and I really enjoyed going to the museum. I was really surprised at the quality of the paintings in the displays, and the newness of the building. I was very glad that I went. There was a real stagecoach in one of the rooms and all of us were enthralled at seeing it. All of us agreed that – to our knowledge, we had never seen a real stagecoach before. After a long day of looking at exhibits, we ate at a restaurant in Cartersville that is well-known to Claudia. It was an excellent choice with both great ambiance and great food.
Note: In Bamberg, the old Charleston-Augusta road is the one that the stagecoach from Charleston to Augusta travelled on.

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