2013-06-04 Vanna White Gets a “Bath” i.e., Van-Car Wash
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2013-06-05_GAAtl,VannaWhite-Bath (1) 2013-06-05_GAAtl,VannaWhite-Bath (2) 2013-06-05_GAAtl,VannaWhite-Bath (4)
The back doors of the van had black streaks of dirt down them after a rainstorm. It was ‘un-sightly’ -and- well, … dirty! So, it was time for a “bath”. I had accidentally cut the garden hose when I ran over it with the lawnmower – so, I had to get a new garden hose. This was the first use of the new hose. I have a six-foot A-style ladder and use it to wash the stop at the start of the “bath”. The top was really dirty and it’s really hard to wash because I can’t reach all of the way to the middle. I found an extension RV brush at Wal-Mart and it helped with the middle – but, I reached as far as I could with my arm before using the brush. The van top has ‘valleys’. Dirt had really accumulated in them and it was hard to get them clean. It took a “day” (several hours and I was tired afterward) to wash the van. After washing, I went to Wal-Mart for some wax because I needed it to protect the paint and cause rain to ‘bead’. I bought some NuFinish – and found it easy-to-use. The claim of the wax was that it lasted a year. Especially for the top, I really needed a was that lasts a long time. Older, hard wax is difficult to buff because it requires a lot of strength and energy. The wax that I bought was a white, soft-paste and it was both easy to apply and easy to buff. It took another day to apply the wax and buff it. My muscles ached afterward. When my muscles ache, I tell myself that it is good for me because that is a sign of building strength. I do not have much strength in my arms and upper body so I tire easily. Anyway, afterward, I parked the van in the carport for the first time. There isn’t much room in the carport for opening the door and exiting the van, so I don’t park it there often. In the future, I need to park it in the carport to help keep it clean. Now, “Vanna White” is a clean, white van again. Note: my friend, Karen, said that she liked the van having the magnetic signs on the side and back so I re-applied them. My older son, Joe, is associated with the business and had some extra signs available for use at my house. My suburban neighbors know the van by the signs. In my neighborhood, crime is deterred by calling police and notifying them when unknown vehicles are seen. We had an email group and, sometimes, neighbors take pictures and tag numbers for the police to help deter house break-ins. By the way, before I leave on a trip, I send an email to my neighbors and as them to ‘keep an eye’ on my house while I am away. I’ve had a tree fall on the house -and- a neighbor had a water-heater to leak when away, so I ask them to call me if they feel that it is necessary. In turn, when they go on a trip, they let me know and I try to be a bit more vigilant of the neighborhood.

Oh yeah! I decided to post a picture of a ‘favorite’ place of mine. I am near many office buildings and one of them has a fountain and large pond. In the middle of the pond is a ‘sitting area’ with table and chairs – that are BELOW the water line. I LOVE IT!