2013-07-12 to 2013-07-21 from Atlanta, GA to Red Top Mountain State Park, Cartersville, GA

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I am a member of a meetup group called SOA = Singles Outdoor Adventures. The president and other officers of the group arranged to rent the pioneer camping area of the state park for a week. The annual picnic was scheduled for Saturday after arrival. Each member was asked to contribute $7 (early registration) & $10 (day-of-event) toward the rental of the shelter and bring an item to share for the picnic. We had about 50 people visit the area for the picnic and many to stay overnight in tents near the lake afterward. Another van camper shared a shaded parking spot near me. I had a wonderful week and just enjoyed hanging-out with others. 
The tent campers shared the responsibility of cooking and cleaning food, but the other van camper and I brought our own food. The meetup group owns a 2-burner propane stove, coolers, cookware, etc. Breakfast for the group was ‘heavy’ meaning there were eggs/omlets, bacon and sausage, and pancakes cooked on various mornings. Lunch was a light sandwich and supper was grilled vegetbles, fruit, and various meats. The last camping night, Barbara brought pre-cooked pork and warmed it over charcoal. We had a birthday party celebrating her upcoming big day.
The group had a trail hike on the day of the picnic and on the following weekend. During the week, there was a kayak trip on the Etowah River that ended in Euharlee. We ate at a local BBQ restaurant and walked to a nearby historical area and covered bridge. Another day was a trip to Carter’s Lake – (about 45 miles drive) to another state park and kayaking on the lake. Friday, a group of us travelled to Cloudland Canyon State Park and walked on many stairs to the bottom of a mountain (and, of course, back up the stairs). We stopped in Chattanooga for supper after the hike.
Red Top Mountain sponsors a band on Saturday nights in July. Many in the group paddled across the cove in kayaks to listen to the bands. After one concert, there were nearby fireworks that could be seen from the campground. The attached pictures show the lake and the major events.
(Note: On Wednesday, the group drove to Blue Ridge and went tubing. I decided not to go as I don’t like being cold and wet and I was sure that the water would be too cool for me. When the others returned, they said that the water was 54 degrees Farenheit. Also, the water was high because of all the rain and that the trip on the tubes was ‘fast’.)