2013-08-31 to 2013-09-10 From Atlanta, GA to Bamberg,SC

2013-09-07_SCAiken,Hwy4,PuddinsPlace (4)

2013-09-07_SCAiken,Hwy4,PuddinsPlace (4)

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I travelled to Bamberg to visit my Dad and older brother for a few days. It was also the Labor Day week-end. I started this website because I enjoyed reading where others travelled. I wasn’t retired at the time and I really enjoyed reading the narrative and seeing the pictures. Since starting the blog, I’ve realized that most people do not spend much time reading the narrative and wnt to see the pictures, so I’ve begun taking more pictures with the intention of sharing them. I’ve previously posted many pictures of Bamberg, and this time, Dad and I went to a downtown store that has a small deli during the week. Clients are able to eat lunch on nearby picnic tables. Parking downtown used to be in front of the store – think ‘horse-and-buggy’ days when the road was designed. Now, parking is behind the stores, so I took a few pictures of the back of the buildings as we drove to buy lunch.
A second set of pictures was taken at the Springfield Flea Market on Saturday. The flea market is a regular event and is quite popular. There are rabbits and chickens for sale along with many tools, clothes, almost-anything-that-you-can-think-of.
After leaving the Springfield Flea Market, Dad and my brother and I drove to Aiken,SC. On the way, we saw a country store named “Puddin’s Place”. It is located near Scott’s Lake and I took a picture of the cross streets. Since that is the name that Dad calls me (and I used the name in my blog), we stopped for a soda and crackers. I took many pictures and the owner told us that Puddin had a ‘real-name’, but I’ve forgotten what it was. He was a resident of the community and everyone knew him. His pictures were displayed above the merchandise, and many of my snapshots had reflections of the store lighting on the glass of the pictures. However, he appeared to have had a long life and was very instrumental in many community improvements.
We went to the “Aiken Makin'” Arts Festival. It was very nice with many artists showing their wares. We enjoyed an outdoor concert of songs by a group of women from a nearby church. When we returned home at night, we had enjoyed the day and were tired.

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