2014-03-29 to 2014-04-04 From Atlanta, GA to Lost Creek, TN

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It’s the “Spring Vandweller’s GTG“! And – Wonderful. I arrived on Saturday, with a light rain. Cuzzin’ Dick (aka, “the tarpmaster”) had camp set-up and several others had arrived a day or so earlier. I already knew several people, and had the opportunity to meet other new campers. We sat around and talked, ate many delicious meals and walked the roads and trails.

I had a little trouble finding the camp – if there is a way to ‘get lost’, I will find the wrong road. I programmed the GPS to Lost Creek Road, and it was the wrong road. Cuzzin’ Dick had warned us in an email that there was a ‘similar’ camp nearby, -so- once the wrong road narrowed to a single, dirt lane – I turned around and re-evaluated my options. I returned to the main road and drove a little further. Less than 2 miles down the main road, there was a sign to Lost Creek campground with a ‘better’ gravel road. Cuzzin’ Dick had included in the directions that the camp was about six miles on gravel, so after seeing the sign on the main road and finding the turn to the ‘better’ gravel road, I proceeded for six miles. I’ll have to add that six miles on the road took a while and was ‘interesting’ in the drizzle rain. I had considered turning around and returning home before the main road sign, -BUT- I was glad that I developed “Option B” because it was the right road and I eventually found the camp. It was nearest to the small town of Reliance and in the valley of two large hills.

The hills could be called mountains, but I consider the ‘real’ mountains to be equivalent to what I know in the “Smokies” – so, I consider this valley to be a ‘good’ one in the hills.

We had a nice flowing creek, similar to the one at Tumbling Creek -and- as I left, there were rangers re-stocking fish. I took a quick picture in the drizzle as I left.

Note to those interested in a heater that camper Dave is going to install in the “Book Beast”. I’ve taken several pictures so that others may view the outdoor first hook-up and ‘trial’ of the heater.

It’s SPRING in the Southern United States – and I LOVE IT. I have lived in Atlanta for about 20 years. A few summers ago, we had a drought and water shortage. The spring rains provide us the water that we need for our living -AND- the rains provide us with the lush green-ness that I love. After visiting Arizona in January and seeing the brown-ness of the desert, I have come to appreciate our green-ness (and water) more.
It was really great to see the many people that I’ve met on previous outings, and wonderful to meet new people at the Get-To-Gether. It was sad to leave – BUT, I returned to Atlanta to greet my new (and first) grandchild to our world! (See the 2014-04-05 post – next.)

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