2014-06-12 GA(Georgia), Atlanta  – visit to the Georgia Aquarium

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I rode MARTA (the rapid transit rail system, website = http://www.itsmarta.com) to travel downtown in order to avoid traffic and parking. On this trip, I got off at the Peachtree Center station and, after leaving the aquarium, I returned to the GWCC=(Georgia World Congress Center), Dome=(Falcons field), Philips Arena=(Hawks basketball), and CNN Center=(office tower with food court at street level) station. <The station name is a long one because the name is for many of the nearby popular buildings.> The first thing that I noticed were the tracks in the middle of Peachtree Street for the upcoming Atlanta Streetcar. I’m excited to see it and looking forward to riding it. I took a couple of pictures of a station and workers who were preparing the overhead electrical lines.

Unfortunately, many of my pictures are blurry. (I really try hard to not ‘shake’ the camera, but I failed for many of the pictures that I made on this trip.)  Fortunately, Google maps now has many pictures of areas that can fill-in for my error. I was really disappointed that my Hard Rock Cafe pictures were blurry. Also, I was disappointed at the picture of the ferris wheel.

On Peachtree Street, there used to be a retail clothing store known by the local family that started the store = Rich’s. The Rich family sold the stores to Macy’s. At this time, the store downtown is closed but mall stores remain open.  I worked for 11 years at Macy’s (not in a store but in a support office) – starting after the purchase of the Rich’s stores, and quitting after the corporation closed the downtown store. Employees were told that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York was known by many people, so many store names were changed to Macy’s.  

When the summer Olympics came to Atlanta in 1996, I volunteered for two weeks to help. I was a security guard in the green glass building that was used for International Press during the games and is now the American Cancer Society headquarters. Before the Olympic Park was created, there were many closed businesses in the area. Older car dealers had moved to the suburbs.  Old  buildings were torn down and the property purchased for the park. I moved to Atlanta in 1984 and worked downtown. During lunch, I would walk around and didn’t visit the park area because there wasn’t anything that would serve food in the area.

Today, the recent rains and clouds kept the temperature below 80 degrees and the outing was pleasant. However, walking from the rail through Olympic Park to the Aquarium is several blocks effort and I needed to gather some strength before walking a lot inside the building.  I have previously posted pictures from the Aquarium and there were crowds of people inside. So, I only took pictures outside. The pictures are arranged in a ‘gallery’ by wordpress. Viewers may mouse click on a picture to make it larger, then press the middle of the picture on the left and right arrows to move backward and forward.

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