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I belong to a Yahoo group who camp. Some are experienced campers and some are new. The idea is that our hosts for the spring and fall, decide on a date and a place. In the past, the camping spots have been in north GA, near the GA/TN line, and this time was just south of Chattanooga in Alabama. Also, the camping spots are free. The camphosts post the information on SE_GTG (SE for SouthEast and GTG for Get-ToGether) and everyone gets an email of the event. The event was posted for 3/28-4/11. I arrived “in the middle time-frame” for the gathering. Campers usually don’t stay for the whole event – schedules vary.
During the time that we camped, the leaves of the spring folliage was a time of real growth. I really enjoyed the sunshine and green grass of the field. The beginning temperature was ‘chilly’ and the ending temperature was trending to ‘very warm’. We had a bad thunderstorm one-night, there was a tornado watch. We learned the next morning that a tornado passed us a few miles south of camp. We were parked in a field next to the Tennessee River. After the rain, the field turned to mud and there were several campers who needed to be pulled-out of their parking spots. We saw many boats and several barges with cargo traveling south on the river. We had some campers who had kayaks and who paddled around the island in the middle of the river. Fisherman were almost always present on the bank of the river and the local people were helpful if we needed anything. One day, there were workers who drove machinary to trim the bushes on the road and cut the grass in the field. (I regret not getting a picture of them.) We had several campers who biked around the roads on the area. The sandy road from the bridge pavement road to the field was rutty, but the travel length was only a little more than a mile.
On Easter Sunday, I think that we had around 15 people camped and eating a great meal. (Ham, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes) Tricia and Les lived in the area and helped scout the camping location. They also provided us with cut firewood, some food and water, and other items to help with the camping. In addition to the Easter meal, there were several others due to campers who liked to cook. Rita picked wild onions and was able to obtain fish from the fishermen who enjoyed the challenge of catching a fish. We had a great meal of striped bass, carrots and wild onions, and a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, wild onion tender tops, and dressing of oil and vinegar. Dan added some hush puppies and we ate near sunset. It was delicious! Also, Dan cooked several meals for us.

I returned home after gaining weight and having a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for all the good-times and great-food!

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