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2015-11-30 Monday. My daughter-in-law had an appointment with Northside Hospital for the delivery of my grandson, “Hudson” James. (He weighed in at 7 pounds and 13 ounces. My nickname for him is “Peanut”.) She didn’t have any complications and was released from the hospital today (Friday). After delivery, the doctor noticed that Hudson was breathing fast and put him into a NICU machine to help with oxygen for a couple of periods of time. I’ve been able to hold him a couple of times and he slept soundly both times because he had just been fed. He’s a beautiful baby and I feel blessed to have 2 grandchildren. His big-sister, Hannah (I call her “Pumpkin”) is now 19-months-old. She’s beginning to talk and can say the word ‘ba-by’, but she will have to learn over time what being a ‘big-sister’ means.
After holding the baby, I realized how small he really is and ‘yes’ – all babies look alike. I didn’t go to the window to see the other babies on the floor, but – I’ll have to admit. If I went to look and if he were there, I probably would not be able to pick him out. Pumpkin came to visit while I was there and she explored all around the hospital room. She especially enjoyed standing on the couch and looking out the window (on the fifth-floor) at the traffic. She’s beginning to learn letters and numbers and LOVES to push buttons. She enjoyed pushing the buttons on the elevator and turning the lights of the room on-and-off (several times). She also enjoyed the room rocking chair and seeing her Mom and Dad. I think that my son and his wife now have their hands full! (In a “good” way.)


2015-11-04 GASndySpr,NSideHosp-Hannah(Pumpkin)


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