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I enjoy attending Braves baseball games and every year, I go to as many games
as I can. When you live in Atlanta, you learn to avoid traffic as much as possible – and I do that by riding the MARTA train and bus. The baseball train passengers exit at the Five-Points Station and walk through the Underground Atlanta mall – vendors with aisle booths outside of stores. Because the food in the stadium is expensive, in the past – I have dined at the mall food court before attending the game. This trip, I passed the food options and proceeded directly to the stadium. Before the season began, I heard in a radio broadcast that a local vendor had opened a BBQ food stand at the stadium and my mission on this trip was to try it. There are limited choices at the BBQ Food vendor (I have forgotten the name – I looked on my receipt and the only identification was Aramark Sports & Entertainment). The line is usually long, but you go quickly through the food choices. I bought a pulled pork platter – which was really a sandwich, with 2 sides = macaroni and cheese, and pork and beans. The BBQ was smoked and very good with their sauce. (The options are regular flavor and tangy – and I always get regular.) I sat at a table with several other BBQ diners and they enjoyed theirs also. One person said that a hamburger costs $8, but the BBQ cost was $10 and it came with 2 side dishes.
The weather temperature was hot when I got there and I was thirsty. The food stand sold drinks and the options included an $8 souvenircup “Coke”. (Note: Coca-Cola World Headquarters are in Atlanta and residents order a ‘coke’ and mean carbonated soda drink.) After buying the cup, the server pointed out that the cup had a sticker on the side that allowed me to get a refill anywhere in the stadium. So – now the cost of the coke is $4 a cup! After the game started, I was thirsty again and had the cup refilled at a nearby vendor stand. By the end of the night, I was ‘over-caffeniated’ and not wanting more cola anytime soon.
I purchased the Braves ticket for the Club Level (top) from a meetup group and it
cost about $15. It was an emailed ticket that I printed and had no problems with entrance. (Note: At the gate, security inspects your carry-in items. I try to travel as light as possible.) The seat was ‘in the clouds’ and there  was a good view of both the playing field and the downtown skyline. When the sun was on the horizon, the temperature was in the high 80 degrees Farenheit. But, after the sun went down, it was a beautiful summer night. After the games on Fridays, the Braves shoot fireworks. The section of seats under the shooting area is cleared before the fireworks begin.

Final Score: Braves lost 2-5.

A history lesson about Turner Field (aka “The Ted”): Part of the field was constructed
during the 1996 Olympics – the ‘high’ part. The Olympic stadium was oval
and was used in the opening/closing ceremonies as well as for track events. I was a volunteer
for the Olympics (in the international press area) and the opening ceremony dress rehersal was
held the night before the beginning of the Olympics with volunteers attending. The rehersal was
essentially the same as the opening without the Olypians walking in and the celebrity participation.
(There were ‘stand-ins’ for them.) The rehersal was used to time the events and make sure that
everyone and everything was prepared. After the Olympic games ended, the short end of the oval track
was re-engineered to the current baseball field.
Lately, Braves management has announced that they intend to build a new baseball stadium in Cobb
County and the council has approved the plan. The new stadium will be at the NorthWestern portion
of where I-285 intersects with I-75.

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