2016-06-28 _SCBamberg —  A day that I will never forget.

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The picture above: was taken on May 7, 2016 just before my Dad passed away. He enjoyed the “big boat” trip very much. Nice and warm on the sunny pool deck. Beautiful weather for the trip. His 96th birthday was celebrated by everyone in Nassau, Bahamas.

The Blog Post: 

I drove to Bamberg  on 6/24. It is about 4.5 hour drive from Atlanta.  While in Bamberg, I went to the Family Reunion and stayed with my Dad and older brother. I was able to see many family members at the reunion and really enjoyed it – even though it was HOT (95+ degrees F). Our family is very fortunate to have a ‘private facility’ with indoor swimming pool. This year, there were many swimmers to enjoy the cool water. (Note: Many of them were ‘young’ which is great as this means that the family is growing. I admit that I am still learning all of the family because of the changes and not seeing them often.)

On Sunday, Dad didn’t feel well and didn’t attend the reunion. I was distracted by talking with many family members and didn’t take any pictures (as I normally do).  Anyway, my brothers and family and I gathered a plate of food for Dad and my older brother and took it home. Dad and older brother ate it and really enjoyed it. The desserts, in particular, were outstanding. On Monday and Tuesday, Dad continued to not feel well and stayed in bed. Hospice workers visited and helped with his declining physical needs. On Tuesday night, about 10:30, my Dad passed away. He was weak and hadn’t eaten well for the last couple of days. He slumped over to his left side and didn’t talk anymore. The hospice nurse on Tuesday morning told my older brother and me that he wasn’t doing well. Both my older brother and I were there were there and trying to help position him in the bed when he slumped to his left side and stopped breathing. I believe that his body shut-down.  (He often complained of being ‘cold’ and his back hurting when he walked.) I have included his newspaper Obituary in this post. He was 96-years-old and lived a ‘good’ life. In addition, the pastor of the church described him as being a ‘good man’. We especially have great memories of the recent Bahamas cruise. (See previous post in this blog.)  (Note: All family members were glad that Dad passed away peacefully at his house. This would never have happened without my older brother “stepping-up” BIG-TIME and taking care of him and his business interests.  Note2: My Dad called me “Puddin” from childhood as my nickname. ) 

A special thanks to the many doctors and nurses who helped care for him. Also, a special ‘thank-you’ to Dianne Jamison, RN Case Manager for Medical Services of America. In addition I would like to ‘thank’ others:  Charlie Lucus at First Baptist Church for his eulogy at Dad’s graveside, Cindy Kilgus and her many ‘helpers’ from First Baptist Church for a wonderful lunch, Van Sanders at Springtown Church for helping with Dad’s grave location, and Brett Williams, Randy, Jack and Bill at Cooner’s Funeral Home for the visitation and funeral services.

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